Ashish Panigrahi
आशिष पाणिग्राही

What is my purpose? (my poem)


What is my purpose but a tiny speck on this big blue dot?
Is it already decided or do I get myself taught?
I do wonder how the rest of my life shall continue.
Will it be the same things I now pursue?

Family it is for some people.
For others, it is their career to excel.
But does it matter in the end?
Perhaps the greater reason is to make oneself enlighten.

Often I find myself asking such questions.
I keep looking for entities of substance
in this rollercoaster that is life.
What can I do to make it more rife?

For far too long I've been looking far away.
Always fearing that my life might go astray.
Is it deep down something more precious?
Only to find myself asking, "what is my purpose?".